Shakey’s Pizza Prices

Shakey’s Pizza is a casual pizza restaurants chain that is known and loved all over the world. It has been a famous place for family or group meals ever since. Shakey’s serves a wide selation of their pizzas, pasta, and everybody’s favorite, chicken and mojos.

Below are the latest Shakey’s Pizza menu prices.


Meal Deals

PCM For One$9.99
Pizza & Salad$10.99
Small Pizza & Wings (Serves 1-2)9 in.$14.49
Small Pizza & Mojo's (Serves 1-2)9 in.$10.99
Medium Pizza & Mojo's (Serves 2-3)12 in.$17.49
Large Pizza & Mojo's (Serves 3-4)15 in.$22.99
Medium Pizza, 4 Pc. Chicken, Mojo's (Serves 4)12 in.$25.59
Medium Pizza, 5 Chicken Strips, and Mojo's (Serves 4)12 in.$25.59
Large Pizza, 10 Chicken Strips, and Mojo's (Serves 6)15 in.$36.99
Large Pizza, 8 Pc. Chicken, and Mojo's (Serves 6)15 in.$36.99
The Ultimate Meal Deal (Serves 10-12)$53.49

Mojo's & More

Mojo's Supreme (Serves 6)$7.99
Garlic BreadHalf$1.99
Garlic BreadFull$2.99
Family Salad (Serves 4)$7.99


Regular Soft Drink22 oz.$2.69


Small Pizza Lunch Special9 in.$4.99

Build Your Own Pizza

Individual Pizza with up to 2 Toppings7 in.$5.49

Shakey's Classic Pizzas

Shakey's Special Pizza9 in.$9.99
Shakey's Special Pizza12 in.$17.99
Shakey's Special Pizza15 in.$20.99
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza9 in.$9.99
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza12 in.$17.99
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza15 in.$20.99
Garden Veggie Pizza9 in.$9.99
Garden Veggie Pizza12 in.$17.99
Garden Veggie Pizza15 in.$20.99
Firehouse Pizza9 in.$9.99
Firehouse Pizza12 in.$17.99
Firehouse Pizza15 in.$20.99
Ultimate Meat Pizza9 in.$9.99
Ultimate Meat Pizza12 in.$17.99
Ultimate Meat Pizza15 in.$20.99
Rustic Chicken Alfredo Pizza9 in.$9.99
Rustic Chicken Alfredo Pizza12 in.$17.99
Rustic Chicken Alfredo Pizza15 in.$20.99

Famous Chicken

Golden Fried Chicken - Leg & Thigh2 Pc.$5.25
Golden Fried Chicken - Breast & Wing2 Pc.$6.25
Golden Fried Chicken (Serves 2)4 Pc.$10.99
Golden Fried Chicken (Serves 4)8 Pc.$18.99
Wings6 Pc.$6.59
Wings12 Pc.$11.59
Wings18 Pc.$16.59
Boneless Chicken Strips (Serves 1)2 Pc.$5.25
Boneless Chicken Strips (Serves 2)5 Pc.$10.99
Boneless Chicken Strips (Serves 4-5)10 Pc.$18.99
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In 1954 Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson and Ed Plummer founded the first ever Shakey’s pizza parlor in Sacramento, California. Johnson was fondly called “Shakey” by his peers, because he has been quivery ever since he had a nerve damage due to malaria. During the early years of Shakey’s, they used to entertain their customers with jazz piano. Eventually, Shakey’s became known outside Sacramento but not for their pizza, but for the entertainment they provide. Today, 62 years after its founding, Shakey’s is still serving us with fun, food, and good memories. Shakey’s has more than 500 restaurants worldwide today.

What They’re Famous For?

Since Shakey’s is a family restaurant, they offer wide selections of family meals like pizza and wings combo and PCM (pizza, chicken, and mojos). Before, they only offer thin crust pizza which is their specialty, but now they are also offering pan pizzas. Here are some of Shakey’s pizza favorites (that you may order on thin crust or pan):

  • Shakey’s Special – this most saleable pizza has salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, seasoned ground beef, mushrooms, and black olives.
  • Ultimate Meat – for meat lovers, this pizza has Italian sausage, seasoned ground beef, pepperoni, ham, salami, and bacon.
  • Firehouse Pizza – fierce and spicy pizza consists of hot sausage slices, spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, red onions, diced tomatoes, and fresh basil.
  • Garden Veggie – this pizza for vegetarians has mushrooms, onions, green bell peppers, diced tomatoes, and black olives.
  • Build Your Own – they also offer this concept where you can create your own pizza to suit your own preference. You can choose from veggie toppings: green bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, mushrooms, black olives, cilantro, basil, and pineapple and meat toppings: pepperoni, ham, bacon, ground beef, spicy Italian sausage, Italian sausage, hot sliced sausage, sliced chicken breast, chorizo, salami, and anchovies.

Why Eat at Shakey’s?

Shakey’s is good choice for fun and delicious family meals. Their casual, homey, and cozy atmosphere will make you loosen up and relax. Shakey’s meals are also delicious and a good option for comfort food. Shakey’s prices are really affordable too and incomparable to other pizza parlors.

To learn more about Shakey’s Pizza or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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