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Few things in life bring family and friends together like good food and drinks – and with the relatively affordable American Deli menu prices, you can bring them together as many times as you want. Your dining experiences here will always be highlighted by the deliciously fresh food, from the philly cheesesteaks, hot wings and subs to the gyros, and refreshingly original beverages. You will love it, too, that you can find restaurants in several cities across Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama – more than 100 locations, in fact!

Below are the latest American Deli menu prices.



Choose from Hot, Medium, Mild, Lemon Pepper, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Honey Hot, Garlic Pepper, Honey Garlic, or Honey Mustard

Wings Special$8.99
Combo6 Pc.$6.49
Combo20 Pc.$16.49

Family Pack

Served with Celery and Ranch Dressing

Family Pack Wings6 Pc.$5.09
Family Pack Wings10 Pc.$7.49
Family Pack Wings15 Pc.$11.49
Family Pack Wings20 Pc.$14.99
Family Pack Wings30 Pc.$22.99
Family Pack Wings50 Pc.$33.99
Family Pack Wings75 Pc.$51.49
Family Pack Wings100 Pc.$66.99

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders4 Pc.$5.49
Chicken Tenders Combo4 Pc.$6.99

Sandwiches and Burgers

Combo Includes Fries and Drink

Philly Sandwich$5.49
Philly Sandwich Combo$6.99
Philly Sandwich & 5 Pc. Wings with Drink$9.49
Add Fries to Phillysteak$1.00
Reuben Sandwich$5.49
Reuben Sandwich Combo$6.99
Burger Combo$6.99
Sub Sandwich$5.19
Sub Sandwich Combo$6.49
Sub Sandwich & 5 Pc. Wings with Drink$8.99
Add Fries to Sub$1.00
Gyro Wrap$5.49
Gyro Wrap Combo$6.99

Boneless Wings

Boneless Wings10 Pc.$7.49
Boneless Wings Combo10 Pc.$8.99


Shrimp8 Pc.$5.99
Shrimp Combo8 Pc.$7.99


Chef or Tuna Salad$5.99
Fried or Grilled Chicken Salad$6.99
Garden Salad$4.99


Served with One Tartar Sauce. Combo Includes Fries and Drink

Whiting Fish2 Pc.$5.49
Whiting Fish Combo2 Pc.$6.99
Tilapia Fish2 Pc.$6.49
Tilapia Fish Combo2 Pc.$7.99

Fried Rice

Beef or Chicken$5.99
Add 5 Pc. Wings$3.50
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In 1989, American Deli’s first restaurant opened in Atlanta, Georgia at the South Dekalb Mall. Such was its popularity among avid foodies and average diners that the company soon opened its second restaurant in Columbus, Georgia – and the rest is history! All of the restaurants are known for their all-American appeal from their menus to their settings, a distinction that the chain strives to maintain considering the fierce competition for the consumers’ wallets and hearts.

What They’re Famous For

American Delis’ main draw is the quintessential American fare with its distinctive flair thrown in. Just like its thousands of satisfied customers, you will find the wings as a must-eat, especially with its half-dozen flavors that go well with a side of fries, blue cheese, and celery.  You should also order the Reuben and Phillysteak, which are prepared fresh to order; the Reuben is made of premium corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut drizzled with Russian dressing and placed on dark rye bread while the Phillysteak has grilled steak, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and white American cheese.

Why Eat Here

If you are looking for basic yet delectable American fare that combines homemade flavors with gourmet goodness, then come here. Your love for restaurant-quality wings, Philly cheesesteaks, chicken fingers, club sandwiches, burgers, Reubens, gyros, fried fish, and fried shrimp can be satisfied without breaking the bank, thanks to the pocket-friendly American Deli prices.  You can eat inside the restaurant or take your food home, whichever you prefer, but the quality of the food and drinks remain. Your orders will be served hot and cold, depending on the need, by efficient and friendly wait staff. You can satisfy your cravings almost every day although you have to watch your calorie, sodium and fat intake as deli food is not exactly the healthiest fare; adopt the tips about eating healthier in fast-food joints, such as skipping on the sides, asking for less sodium, and choosing the vegetable filling.

To learn more about American Deli or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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